Return of the Riddle

Dear sleuthy readers,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, not because there were no mysteries, but because there WAS. It was a big one. Of course I solved it, and of course I rewarded myself with cookies. Lots of cookies. In any case, you might read about it, but if you do, it won’t be on here. I save special, small mysteries for you. I guess you could say I share the little things with you, ha. Never thought I’d say that to anyone other than Mr. Whiskers.
Anyway, to start you off in a sleuthy state of mind, I’d like to present to you a riddle that I’m sure you can solve because, well, actually I don’t know but I heard that positive thinking can help. Still, I’ll leave that kind of dangerous thinking up to you. If I were to start thinking positive my head would explode and hundreds of pennies would fall around me.
Now stop picturing pennies falling out of my head and solve this, will ya:

15-5-2-10-10-1-11-10  1-22  3-13-23-24  3-2-19-16  4-13-11  12-24-6-11  1  14-2-13-5-7  24-6-20-16  12-24-2-13-10-24-12  6-11-7  1-11  6-11  6-5-12-16-19-11-6-12-16  13-11-1-20-16-19-22-16  14-24-16-19-16  1  14-2-13-5-7  24-6-20-16  15-16-16-11  11-1-23-16  6-11-7  14-6-19-3  1  14-2-13-5-7  24-6-20-16  22-6-1-7  12-24-6-12  1-20-16  3-1-22-22-16-7  9-2-13 .

After single space new word begins. One number for one letter, apostrophes not included. If there are any. Not saying that there are. *makes wavy gestures with hands* I’m being mysterious.
May the force be with you.

Penelope out!

Mood: peckish

Hair: freshly washed, smelling suspiciously like a fruit of some sort

Clothes: pyjamas

Spending day: building a virtual village and raising village babies (don’t judge)





The Case of the Weird Notes P.III

Dear sleuthy readers,

Let’s continue our epic journey which involves post-its , riddles and a man with a hat. I don’t know what you guessed as to why he wanted to hire me, but I’ll tell you. He had a sparkling new mystery for me to solve. Oh, the joy that overwhelmed me. *unfazed gaze*

The man’s name was Cornelius Joseph Brown. And yes…he was a poet. (HA!) He was also a professor and someone was leaving him riddles on his desk. He wanted me to find out what they meant. That’s why he was using the post-its, to see if I was worthy of the task at hand. A test, if you will. I don’t like tests. But I do like money. So I took the case without a moment of hesitation. Okay, a little hesitation. He was kind of weird and he could have been a serial killer, luring me into his home-made trap. A cool trap, but still.

He had already received three riddles in the form of poems, which I deciphered in two days. Mind you, I still had other cases, otherwise I could have done it in one day. True story. The last letter led me to the address of a Japanese restaurant, so I brought along Mr. Poet as we ordered Miso Ramen and scoured the menu for clues, as well as the paintings of Japanese landscapes on the wall, and I even checked the napkins. No other mysteries involved. It seemed that the restaurant was the final destination.

A very intriguing promotional tactic? No.

a) Just a prank from a student who wanted to impress professor Poet.
b) A colleague wanted to mess with him because they found him a pompous monkey face.
c) One of the waitresses had a crush on the professor and wanted to lure him here.
d) This was the restaurant belonging to the family of one of his students who had a final message for him.

Okay, the answer is only a couple of words away. Here it goes. The answer is mostly d, but partly also a and c. Yes, that doesn’t make much sense. Allow me to elaborate. The restaurant belonged to the family of one of students. Said student discovered that the professor was an old almost-boyfriend to his aunt Yuki. She had told him so when he’d mentioned his professor’s name. But she was too shy to actually seek the professor out herself, so the student found a way to impress his professor with his poetic riddle skills as well as bring his aunt and him together. In the same room. While we were eating. Awkwaaaard.

Yes, so when I realised the truth I made my way out of there while prof. Poet and Yuki discussed old times. How romantic. Of course I did take my Miso Ramen to go. No sense in wasting good restaurant food.

So, kids, the moral of today’s adventure is…always take your Miso Ramen to go in case of an awkward situation that makes you want to leave the Japanese restaurant.

Penelope Out!

Mood: not hungry.

Outfit: kimono. (not really)

Purse: filled with money.

Riddle status: accomplished.

Random word of the day: filiferous (meaning: bearing threads).


Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen

The Case of the Weird Notes P. II

Dear sleuthy readers,

I am as much a fan of riddles on post-its as the next sarcastic Goth person that comes along, but I am NOT a fan of running around. Not even when there are sales all over town do I run around. Yet, this seems to be an exception. What? It’s not like I have better things to do and I’d like to meet the person who’s doing this so I can kick the crazy out of him. Also, I may be a teensie weensie bit curious. Yes, I guess I’m human after all. Damn it.

The second post-it led me to the park where there’s a row of daisies by one of the benches. On the bench was the next post-it which led me to the local library, which in turn led me to the fountain in town where the final post-it read:

 Find the man with the hat

He’s sitting in the bloody café

He’s got a message for you at that

But hurry or he’ll walk away

The audacity. For all he knew I had tons of cases that needed my attention. For all he knew I had three torrid love affairs to maintain. For all he knew I was an international spy. And pregnant.

Okay, not sure which of those is most unbelievable.

The café, I knew, had to be Café Rouge. And lo and behold, there was a man with a hat. He also had a flower tucked in the breast pocket of his cheap suit, as well as a moustache fastened under his nose.

“Are you post-it guy?” I asked. And of course he looked up at me with a mischievous smile drawn on his middle-aged face as he drew out a long and purring “yes.”

Now, dear reader, why do you think he wanted to hire me?

a)      He was indeed a poet and wanted to hire me to find his Muse

b)      He had a mystery to solve and needed my help

c)       He had lost someone and needed my help

d)      He was playing a prank on me

Oh, the joys of mysteries.


Penelope out!


Mood:  Tolerating life.

Hair: Messy.

Clothes: Black, black, red.

Random word of the day: Pellucid (meaning: easily intelligible, clear).

The Case of the Weird Notes

I love notes, they help me keep track of stuff I’ll forget to do. Yep, notes and I have a special kind of relationship. Usually I lose them on an hourly basis no matter where I put them. Once I even managed to lose one I had stuck to my forehead. I’d like to think it’s the Penelope Curse, but I’m probably just immensely stupid. But you know, in a good way.
Imagine my surprise when I actually found a note on my desk as I came into work. It wasn’t in my handwriting or PI Addison’s. It said the following…

Though you can’t see it, it’s still here

My friend likes hiding in the changing dark

Don’t worry, it’s not far, it’s near

Get a handle on it or you won’t see the smile mark

Very poetic, huh? And weird. It might, therefore, be a poet. I mean, it’s probably a totally normal way for a weird guy to hire a PI, no? The main question, I want to know…how the hell did he get in the office? A weird guy with breaking-and-entering skills. Alarm bells, anyone?

After a hot chocolate I put on my smart socks and figured out the riddle. The ‘friend’ in the riddle is clearly another post-it. It has to be in this office, because it’s close-by. This office is mostly file cabinets and drawers and ‘the changing dark’ could refer to a drawer. If you close it, it’s dark (for whatever is in there) and when you open it, it’s light. Also, there was a smiley sticker on one of the drawers in PI Addison’s office that wasn’t there before. I also know he couldn’t have done it, because he ain’t exactly the smiley face type of guy. Men…they don’t make them like they used to.

The other post-it said this:

You can’t find me, I’m not here

I’m quite far, I’m not near

Like the breadcrumbs you must follow

Find the flowers in a row

Yep, this definitely has to be a weirdo poet who doesn’t have a day job and probably wants me to find out which pigeon stole his sandwich at the park. After I find him first, of course. Like I don’t have better things to do…Actually I don’t. Most people are on holiday to some hot country, including PI Addison. Well, he’s still in England, though right now, that’s pretty hot too. *insert self-pitying sigh* Boredom + weird riddles = why not?

Who do you think the crazy poetic post-it person is?

You’ll find out next time. If I haven’t melted by then. If you don’t hear from me in a week…avenge my death.


Penelope out!


Mood: on fire. (It’s technically not a mood, but I’m making it one!)

Food: Ice cubes pressed upon my person.

Clothes:  too short (but nobody sees me, so it’s okay).

Snacks: Ice cream (that must be eaten in record time).

Extra comments: DAMN, it’s hot!

Random word of the day: pyrolysis (meaning: the chemical process of decomposition under the effect of heat).


The Mini-Case of the Missing Pen

Dear sleuthy readers,

You know those days where your boss is a cranky-pants and likes to complain to you about it while you have better things to do. Yeah, love those days. In this case, such a day turned into a case. A mini case. A silly case. But I’m still sharing it with you. You’ll see why.

I was sitting at my desk, typing up one of my files when PI Addison was grumbling something about losing his favourite fountain pen. It was engraved and everything. Now, I’m not one to stand between the love of a man and his pen so I suggested I’d help him find it, since I’m good at finding lost things…and I hate typing up files.

The first thing you should do when you’ve lost something is retrace your steps. So I asked Addison where he’d last seen his precious baby and where he’d been between that time and now. First of all I was to understand that his pen was NOT his precious baby, second he hadn’t left his office and he’d seen it there this morning.

That’s an important clue because it means it’s still in the office, but when we went to look EVERYWHERE, it wasn’t there. So what happened? Did a dragon eat it? Did a mouse kidnap it? Did it fly out of the window to marry another fountain pen?

Think outside the box, people. The box may be snug and comfortable but that is usually not where the truth lies. The only thing that was also in the room, along with the pen was Addison himself.

Upon forcing a search on Addison, he discovered the fountain pen in his breast pocket, hidden under  his jacket. This didn’t do much to improve his sunny disposition but hey, I said I’d found it and I did.

Unfortunately I don’t get paid for small mini-cases like that, so scurrying back to my files.

Luckily the Goddess of Mysteries smiles favourably on me because at that moment a dishevelled-looking woman dashed into our office. There’s nothing like a damsel in distress to spice up your day. She wanted our help, but do you know why? No, you don’t, but you may guess…


a)      She had been mugged nearby and was looking for help

b)      She had attacked her ex and needed somewhere to hide

c)       She had jumped out of a moving car because her mother was being a Hyacinth

d)      She had lost her six year old son


Hmm, it’s probably fair if I give you a vague clue that you probably won’t understand…Here it is:


What isn’t lost can’t be found,

What isn’t yours can’t be bound.

The truth isn’t hiding if it’s in plain sight,

And two wrongs don’t make a right.


Weird and vague, right? Good. I have to keep you busy until I lift up the veil a bit more next time.

Until then, dear sleuthy reader.


Penelope out!


Mood: Curious.

Hair: Messy. But in a good way.

Food: Skittles. It counts.

Random word of the day: Vulpine (meaning: fox-like; cunning).





The Case of the Mysterious Chase Sequel

Dear sleuthy readers,

Did you figure out the vague riddle? Well, did you? I’ll just tell you since I’ve got cookies in the oven. (Don’t judge, it’s a new thing I’m trying).

Anywaaay, the answer was a tricky one because it was actually b, c AND d. Hence, it rhymes with apple tree and is why I also left e blank. I know, I’m sneaky that way.

After I arrived at a secure location, AKA: at the back of a Sainsbury’s, I took the envelope out of my pocket and in it was a flash drive shaped as an apple. And so the plot thickened.

It was quite the challenge but I managed to get hold of a laptop. Actually, I simply walked home and turned on my laptop. On the flash drive were interesting picture of some guy and some women. Yes, plural. I was guessing the guy was important here and that those two men chasing me were his men (as far as one man can own other men).

There were a few things that I could do from this point on:

a)      Sit back and relax, have some juice, eat some cookies

b)      Sent the flash drive to a reporter, perhaps in exchange for a reward

c)       Find the girl and let her handle it

d)      Find the men and exchange the flash drive in return for her (and my) safety

Knowing I’m kind of a bad-ass, I did both c and d. I put one of my own flash drives in the envelope, but not before adding cute kitten pictures to it and then headed out. First I found the men, or rather, while I was looking for the girl they found me. I handed them the envelope, pretended to be scared and intimidated and they left. They were definitely well-dressed bodyguards and kind of stiff, which gave me the urge to suddenly yell GROUP HUG! But don’t think they would have gone for it.

The girl was at the river by the park, still upset, but no actual tears were spotted by my two very sharp eyes. So, it was safe to approach. When I handed her the flash drive she hugged me. So not safe to approach, not safe to approach! Too late, brain. Then she told me her ENTIRE life story and I kind of zoned out every once and a while. No offense to her, but most interesting stuff happens in my head. From what I gathered the guy was a politician and she was one of his former mistresses/secretary. Sounded like drama to me and I only like that on my TV screen. Slowly I backed away, said goodbye as she had gotten it off her chest and went on my merry way to continue shopping for new socks. It may not seem that exciting, but hey, look how I got interrupted. Even sock shopping can lead to great adventures. Well, this one wasn’t that great, but at least I get to share it with you guys.

Would you like a final riddle?

I can be cracked, I can be made.
I can be told, I can be played.
What am I?

Until our next adventure, dear reader.

Penelope out!

Mood: Sleepy.

Hair: Rebellious.

Clothes: Rebellious.

Random word of the day: Vapid (meaning: lacking liveliness, dull).


The Case of the Mysterious Chase

Dear sleuthy readers,

You know those days where you are kind of waiting for adventure and find it only when you close your eyes or play a computer game? Yes, it was one of those days when an actual adventure knocked on my door. It was a soft knock and I barely didn’t recognise it for what it was, but at some point it gave itself away. When strange men chase you, that’s kind of a clear indication. But hey, I love being chased by men. *insert hair flick*

I was walking through town, it was warm and springy and birds were singing, you know all that cheerful crap, when a girl bumped into me. That is not an understatement or anything, she actually bumped into me quite hard. Now, I’m not saying I’m a delicate soul, but I have sensitive upper arms. And it hurt. Anyway, I was about to give her a piece of my mind as one does when one wears their thoughts on their tongue, when I saw her red and teary eyes. No, no, no. Even I can’t yell at a crying girl. Or a crying man for that matter. Anyway, she ran before I got a chance to even ask her if she was okay. Now, here comes the weird part…

I had only taken a few steps when two men dressed in black, sunglasses to match, started chasing me. ME! Let that sink in.

Yes, see, that’s weird right? And not that fun when it is a literal thing. Because I don’t like running. Ever. Not even for a bus. Maybe a little speed-walking, but not running. It makes you sweaty and pant and let’s face it, unless you’re doing it in slow-motion while running towards a puppy that’s about to get hit by a car it just doesn’t look cool.
So, reasons for strange men suddenly running after me:

a)      They were in fact in love with me, but were acting a bit desperate.

b)      They were very avid Jehovah’s witnesses.

c)       They were psychics who sensed I needed saving in the near future.

d)      The crying girl had slipped something in my pocket.

e)      They were loan sharks because secretly I have a problem.

f)       It was the FBI coming all the way to England because I hacked into their database.

*leans forward* What was that? Yes, it is indeed answer D.  I am very proud of you. Although I wouldn’t have minded C and F either. And what was it that she slipped so casually into my pocket?

a)      A necklace

b)      A flash drive

c)       An envelope

d)      A piece of fruit


f)       A mobile phone

The answer shall be revealed in the next blog, but I will leave you with a riddle that ties in to this ‘case’:

Sometimes, but not always, there is more than the eye can see,

And it does always rhyme with a fake apple tree.

Penelope out!

Mood: Peckish.

Hair: Smells like pineapple.

Food: Cubed pineapple.

Random word of the day: Ebullient (meaning: extremely lively, enthusiastic).


Spot the Frog!

Dear sleuthy readers,

I have tried and tried, this one is difficult. But your brain is just getting fatter sitting there, doing nothing. So let’s give it a nice challenge and…




spot the frog

Click on the pic to magically make it bigger!

Here is your new challenge… Spot the five differences. Keep exercising those walnuts. (Brains) You can click on the picture because then it will magically become bigger.


Liars, liars, bras on fire!

truth and lies

Dear sleuthy readers,

I have another mystery for you to solve! Muahuaha! *coughs* I’ve been doing too many evil chuckles. Anyway, this one will test your observational skills.

This case was interesting in the sense that it involved three people and they were ALL telling different stories. Ah yes, lies, they’re easy to tell when you keep it simple. I love it when people lie, makes my job a little more challenging. It’s also more fun to catch people in a lie, especially people who underestimate you. This happens to me a lot. Probably because of my Goth-like exterior and because I’m a teenager, but that’s what makes it extra fun to watch the look on their face when they realise I outsmarted them. Junior PI to the rescue.

Let me fill you in on ‘the case’. Imagine, if you will, a beautiful morning, the shining sun, singing birds, a gentle breeze. You’re in your office getting ready for some boring paperwork—but oh well, you can’t have it all—when three (slightly hysterical) women burst into the office. Of course it is exactly during that time that PI Addison has gone to get a coffee, so it’s ME that is left to deal with these female shenanigans. I’m not good with women. Or maybe they’re not good with me. They tend to be mean, but in a subtle way. I don’t do subtle and I also don’t let people be mean to me. Usually within five minutes there’s a fight, but in this case there already was a fight. Just not with me. Yay…or something.

What was the problem you ask, curious reader? Well, I’ll tell you. They were housemates and all claimed they bought this winning lottery ticket last week. It took them a while to check it, but when the owner of the ticket did and saw she’d won, they all claimed it was theirs. The ticket won one of them £100, so the question was, which one? I listened to each of their stories. Better than paperwork.


Lady #1:

She touched her long chestnut hair before she spoke. “I bought the ticket on my way from work. I felt like I could do with some luck. So I figured, why not try? It cost £2 and the man who sold it to me had a moustache and black hair. He called me ‘love’ and gave me change from my £5 note.” She touched her hair again and then glared at the two housemates.

Lady #2:

She plucked on her sleeve as she told me: “I got the ticket while I was shopping. I just did it for fun and now these two want to rob me. I’m telling you. There was a man who sold it to me. He had a beard and glasses. It smelt like something sweet in there. I remember it clearly.”

Lady #3:

She was close to tears, mostly from anger. “These two have always had a problem with me. They’re mean and it’s my ticket. I got it while I bought myself a newspaper before work.”


So I asked for the lottery ticket. It was slightly bent but other than that looked okay. I even smelt the ticket. It smelt like…well, a lottery ticket. I guess, a paper-y smell. So then I wrote down a question on a piece of paper and asked them to write the answer on the back, separate from each other.


Q: “What kind of weather was it?”

Lady #1: Raining.

Lady #2: Cloudy.

Lady #3: Didn’t remember.


And that, dear reader, is what led me to believe who the real owner of the ticket was. I know a little about lying and you might not, but take a guess and tell me who you think the ticket belongs to. Be a little Sherlock, come on, you can do it.

It’s handy to know when people are lying, because people do it all the time. Like me, I’m doing it right now as I’m telling you your hair looks fabulous. See, and wouldn’t you want to know that so you can point and say: “HA! LIAR!” Try it, it’s really fun.

I’ll keep you posted on any more wild PI shenanigans.

Penelope out!


Mood: Snobby.

Stake-outs: three, one of which involved a stray cat.

Food: Biscuits, cause I’m cool like that.

Random word of the day: Probity (meaning: virtue, integrity).