Dear avid and sleuthy readers,

I’m so glad that you found the little breadcrumbs that led you to my lair of doom. Does that sound evil? It IS! No, I’m kidding, it’s just a blog. But as you know, I do have a love for mysteries and as you can guess…mayhem. And now that I’m working for a private detective, I’m more prone to living out small adventures instead of playing chess against myself. Don’t get me wrong, moving small pieces of wood around can be extremely exciting. There have been times where I couldn’t go to the bathroom because I didn’t want to miss one single move. Even if I was the only one making them. Still, spying on strangers is a bit more unpredictable. And therefore more adventure-y. And most of it I can do from  my car. And with snacks. I also get money for it. You see how this is paradise. Apart from those few days where you have to take detailed pictures of cheating people. And no, it’s not poker they’re cheating at.

As you are well aware, I promised you I’d tell you about the Case of the Missing Canines. See, you thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you? But no, I always keep my promises. Unless I’m lying while I make the promise, but that doesn’t happen often. Plus, you can tell when I’m lying, my voice gets really high. Oh, right. That doesn’t apply here. But you have nothing to worry about, because you, dear reader, are special to me. I would never lie to you. Unless you ask me if you look fat in those jeans. You know the ones I’m talking about. Anyway, I’m going to discuss that case in my next blog post. I gotta have something for you guys to pine for, apart from me and my sparkling personality of course.

Penelope out!

Mood: Morose.

Hair: Freshly washed, smells soapy.

Blog: Sparkly and new. 

Random word of the day: Penury (meaning: poverty).