The Case of the Missing Canines

Hello my sleuthy readers,

Since you guys love mysteries so much, I will finally share with you the Case of the Missing Canines. A small case, yet interesting. Or just weird, I’m not sure. Pay attention, because at the end of the day there may or may not be hints and clues. You know how much I love to make you think.

First, allow me to disclose to you that the girl who entered our classroom was called Chelsea. She wanted to hire us (and I apply that term loosely, since she only paid us with tickets to a dog show and not those cool ones where they jump through rings of fire, but those where you watch dolled-up dogs standing in awkward poses as they get judged) because her purebred Shih Tzu got dognapped. That’s right DOGNAPPED! *dum dum dum dum* I’m sorry, I felt like that should be emphasised. I mean, who would steal a small, hairy dog with a flat face. Granted, they are adorable balls of fur that on occasion will lick your feet, but you also need to brush, feed, water and pick up their doodoos after them. And for that you want to commit a felony? Please, if you’re going to steal something, steal food or bubble wrap. At least those are useful. And fun.

dogshow 1

In any case, Chelsea entered her dog, Charity (!), into an Open show. An Open show, apparently, is a show which is only open to dogs who are registered with the Kennel Club. That sounds cool, right? The Kennel Club. I feel like that should be a name for a group of dogs who fight crime. In reality, though, they govern things like dog shows. Chelsea was convinced that one of her friends who also entered the dog show had done it for sabotage. Nice friends, right? Anyway, the gang and I went to talk to her three friends who are very dogpetitive. Let the suspect list begin. First of all there is Brittany, who goes to a much more elite school than Chelsea (and us) and owns a Maltese named Etienne. She laughed when I told her that her friend’s dog was stolen and also referred to the dog as a mutt since it was living with a ‘poor’ family. Again, nice friends. Then there’s Brianna. She showed genuine concern for the missing pooch and owns a Boston Terrier, Pierre, that she claimed is in love with Charity. Last but not least, Vivian. She owns a pug named L’oreal, like the brand, and seemed indifferent about the crime, though she wasn’t surprised considering the bad neighbourhood Chelsea lives in. I’d like to roll my eyes at this since she lives in a cul-de-sac in an adorable town in Oxfordshire, but considering the last crime that took place here as well as the current one, I’m beginning to think a lot of people have sticky fingers around here.

Now, who is your number one suspect at this point? Yeah, Brittany is mine too. But then her dog got dognapped too! *dum dum dum dum* Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You’d think this leaves us with two suspects, but then when we were about to visit Brianna and Vivian to see if they had an alibi for the time when Etienne went missing, we found out that they dropped out of the Open show for fear that their treasures (their words) would get dognapped too. So now, who would be dognapping these dogs and WHY?
Can you guess? Any suggestions? Hopes? Fears? Daydreams? Let me know, because if you’re right, you’ll get a virtual cookie. Part two of this epic tale (or tail, ha!) will continue next time.

Penelope out!

Mood: Pensive.
Outfit: Hello Kitty PJs.
Food: Ice cream.
Random word of the day: Pernicus (meaning: deadly).
Quote of the day: Sometimes your worst enemy is in the mirror.

'I said: Look at me!'

‘I said: Look at me!’

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