The Case of the Missing Canines Sequel

magnifying glass

Hello sleuthy readers,

Are you ready for the nail-biting sequel to the dognapping case? Good, me too. What does one do when one is left with no clues and more disappearances? Well, you start guessing and see where it leads you. If someone has three dogs, they would need to keep them somewhere, right? They’d probably have to get supplies in order to keep these spoiled pooches happy. And if it’s someone from town, it would be risky walking them in public. There are only three pet stores in town, so naturally I went to visit them all to ask them about any recent costumers who bought a lot of supplies for dogs. Those were actually quite a few people, so I had to see the footage from the security cameras, but they didn’t want to give them to a sassy student such as myself. I had to get reinforcement in the shape of PI Addison. With his scolding frown and Cockney accent, as well as his PI license, it was actually quite easy. A is for outstanding. Note to self: talk in Cockney accent next time. And become  a grumpy man.

Can you guess who was on one of the security cameras? Can you? Can you? No, you can’t, so I’ll just tell you. It was…wait for it…Chelsea. Insert gasp. Yes, that’s right. So she is her worst enemy in this scenario, although, just because someone’s involved, doesn’t mean they are responsible. But why would someone steal their own dog? *strokes chin* And then hire us? *strokes chin with two hands* Only one way to find out.

Why do you think she did all this?

A)     She be crazy

B)      She doesn’t like her friends’ dogs.

C)      She be crazy

Actually, that’s a trick question, it’s none of the above, although partly all of it, probably. When we went to talk to her, she kind of went all ‘misguided teenager’ on us and broke down in tears, saying they didn’t have that much money and that her boyfriend came up with a plan. Sure, that’s what boyfriends are for, coming up with ways to scam people. In this case, he also scammed her. He didn’t get in touch after the other two dogs were stolen and she doesn’t know where he keeps them. Apparently purebred dogs are worth a lot of money and they were going to sell them. But why would he take the dogs for himself, you ask? Clearly to take the money and run. Bad boyfriend.

They hadn’t been dating that long, so she didn’t even know where he lived. She did have his name, but when PI Addison looked into it, it turned out the name belonged to a fifty-year-old dead man. So clearly, scamming was his middle name, never mind the rest of his real name.

I figured that the dog show was a great way to find potential buyers, so with heavy shoes I went there with PI Addison and Chelsea to find him. I’ll leave it to you to find out what happened.

A: He was dressed as an old man, with a fake moustache and all. He had the dogs with him. They were on leashes and tangled them up as they ran around him. He may have tripped and nearly lost his fake moustache. PI Addison was dressed as a potential buyer (in a suit ^_^) and talked to him. Then he told him he was with the police (not entirely true) and the guy made a run for it. All the dogs sensed the excitement, which they clearly didn’t get at home, and started chasing him. Utter mayhem. Eventually he tripped over an English Bulldog.

B: He was dressed as an old lady and had the dogs in the back of his car. He was talking to people and tripped over an English Bulldog, which made us realise it was him, since his wig came off. One of the guests there thought he was up to know good and threatened him. He ran for it and led us to his car.

C: He came without a poor disguise and hit on older, wealthy women while he had the dogs with him. I snuck up behind him and freed the dogs from their leashes. Then started throwing around bacon to create mayhem (as I love to do) as he tried to run for the hills. He tripped over an English Bulldog and I jumped him.

What do you think happened? Either way, the bad guy tripped over an English Bulldog. (PS: hint is there, even if it doesn’t make sense).

Penelope out!

Mood: Sarcastic.

Outfit: Black, black and black.

Food: Chocolate, white.

Random word of the day: Conflagration (meaning: great fire).


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