Liars, liars, bras on fire!

truth and lies

Dear sleuthy readers,

I have another mystery for you to solve! Muahuaha! *coughs* I’ve been doing too many evil chuckles. Anyway, this one will test your observational skills.

This case was interesting in the sense that it involved three people and they were ALL telling different stories. Ah yes, lies, they’re easy to tell when you keep it simple. I love it when people lie, makes my job a little more challenging. It’s also more fun to catch people in a lie, especially people who underestimate you. This happens to me a lot. Probably because of my Goth-like exterior and because I’m a teenager, but that’s what makes it extra fun to watch the look on their face when they realise I outsmarted them. Junior PI to the rescue.

Let me fill you in on ‘the case’. Imagine, if you will, a beautiful morning, the shining sun, singing birds, a gentle breeze. You’re in your office getting ready for some boring paperwork—but oh well, you can’t have it all—when three (slightly hysterical) women burst into the office. Of course it is exactly during that time that PI Addison has gone to get a coffee, so it’s ME that is left to deal with these female shenanigans. I’m not good with women. Or maybe they’re not good with me. They tend to be mean, but in a subtle way. I don’t do subtle and I also don’t let people be mean to me. Usually within five minutes there’s a fight, but in this case there already was a fight. Just not with me. Yay…or something.

What was the problem you ask, curious reader? Well, I’ll tell you. They were housemates and all claimed they bought this winning lottery ticket last week. It took them a while to check it, but when the owner of the ticket did and saw she’d won, they all claimed it was theirs. The ticket won one of them £100, so the question was, which one? I listened to each of their stories. Better than paperwork.


Lady #1:

She touched her long chestnut hair before she spoke. “I bought the ticket on my way from work. I felt like I could do with some luck. So I figured, why not try? It cost £2 and the man who sold it to me had a moustache and black hair. He called me ‘love’ and gave me change from my £5 note.” She touched her hair again and then glared at the two housemates.

Lady #2:

She plucked on her sleeve as she told me: “I got the ticket while I was shopping. I just did it for fun and now these two want to rob me. I’m telling you. There was a man who sold it to me. He had a beard and glasses. It smelt like something sweet in there. I remember it clearly.”

Lady #3:

She was close to tears, mostly from anger. “These two have always had a problem with me. They’re mean and it’s my ticket. I got it while I bought myself a newspaper before work.”


So I asked for the lottery ticket. It was slightly bent but other than that looked okay. I even smelt the ticket. It smelt like…well, a lottery ticket. I guess, a paper-y smell. So then I wrote down a question on a piece of paper and asked them to write the answer on the back, separate from each other.


Q: “What kind of weather was it?”

Lady #1: Raining.

Lady #2: Cloudy.

Lady #3: Didn’t remember.


And that, dear reader, is what led me to believe who the real owner of the ticket was. I know a little about lying and you might not, but take a guess and tell me who you think the ticket belongs to. Be a little Sherlock, come on, you can do it.

It’s handy to know when people are lying, because people do it all the time. Like me, I’m doing it right now as I’m telling you your hair looks fabulous. See, and wouldn’t you want to know that so you can point and say: “HA! LIAR!” Try it, it’s really fun.

I’ll keep you posted on any more wild PI shenanigans.

Penelope out!


Mood: Snobby.

Stake-outs: three, one of which involved a stray cat.

Food: Biscuits, cause I’m cool like that.

Random word of the day: Probity (meaning: virtue, integrity).




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