The Case of the Mysterious Chase

Dear sleuthy readers,

You know those days where you are kind of waiting for adventure and find it only when you close your eyes or play a computer game? Yes, it was one of those days when an actual adventure knocked on my door. It was a soft knock and I barely didn’t recognise it for what it was, but at some point it gave itself away. When strange men chase you, that’s kind of a clear indication. But hey, I love being chased by men. *insert hair flick*

I was walking through town, it was warm and springy and birds were singing, you know all that cheerful crap, when a girl bumped into me. That is not an understatement or anything, she actually bumped into me quite hard. Now, I’m not saying I’m a delicate soul, but I have sensitive upper arms. And it hurt. Anyway, I was about to give her a piece of my mind as one does when one wears their thoughts on their tongue, when I saw her red and teary eyes. No, no, no. Even I can’t yell at a crying girl. Or a crying man for that matter. Anyway, she ran before I got a chance to even ask her if she was okay. Now, here comes the weird part…

I had only taken a few steps when two men dressed in black, sunglasses to match, started chasing me. ME! Let that sink in.

Yes, see, that’s weird right? And not that fun when it is a literal thing. Because I don’t like running. Ever. Not even for a bus. Maybe a little speed-walking, but not running. It makes you sweaty and pant and let’s face it, unless you’re doing it in slow-motion while running towards a puppy that’s about to get hit by a car it just doesn’t look cool.
So, reasons for strange men suddenly running after me:

a)      They were in fact in love with me, but were acting a bit desperate.

b)      They were very avid Jehovah’s witnesses.

c)       They were psychics who sensed I needed saving in the near future.

d)      The crying girl had slipped something in my pocket.

e)      They were loan sharks because secretly I have a problem.

f)       It was the FBI coming all the way to England because I hacked into their database.

*leans forward* What was that? Yes, it is indeed answer D.  I am very proud of you. Although I wouldn’t have minded C and F either. And what was it that she slipped so casually into my pocket?

a)      A necklace

b)      A flash drive

c)       An envelope

d)      A piece of fruit


f)       A mobile phone

The answer shall be revealed in the next blog, but I will leave you with a riddle that ties in to this ‘case’:

Sometimes, but not always, there is more than the eye can see,

And it does always rhyme with a fake apple tree.

Penelope out!

Mood: Peckish.

Hair: Smells like pineapple.

Food: Cubed pineapple.

Random word of the day: Ebullient (meaning: extremely lively, enthusiastic).



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