The Case of the Weird Notes

I love notes, they help me keep track of stuff I’ll forget to do. Yep, notes and I have a special kind of relationship. Usually I lose them on an hourly basis no matter where I put them. Once I even managed to lose one I had stuck to my forehead. I’d like to think it’s the Penelope Curse, but I’m probably just immensely stupid. But you know, in a good way.
Imagine my surprise when I actually found a note on my desk as I came into work. It wasn’t in my handwriting or PI Addison’s. It said the following…

Though you can’t see it, it’s still here

My friend likes hiding in the changing dark

Don’t worry, it’s not far, it’s near

Get a handle on it or you won’t see the smile mark

Very poetic, huh? And weird. It might, therefore, be a poet. I mean, it’s probably a totally normal way for a weird guy to hire a PI, no? The main question, I want to know…how the hell did he get in the office? A weird guy with breaking-and-entering skills. Alarm bells, anyone?

After a hot chocolate I put on my smart socks and figured out the riddle. The ‘friend’ in the riddle is clearly another post-it. It has to be in this office, because it’s close-by. This office is mostly file cabinets and drawers and ‘the changing dark’ could refer to a drawer. If you close it, it’s dark (for whatever is in there) and when you open it, it’s light. Also, there was a smiley sticker on one of the drawers in PI Addison’s office that wasn’t there before. I also know he couldn’t have done it, because he ain’t exactly the smiley face type of guy. Men…they don’t make them like they used to.

The other post-it said this:

You can’t find me, I’m not here

I’m quite far, I’m not near

Like the breadcrumbs you must follow

Find the flowers in a row

Yep, this definitely has to be a weirdo poet who doesn’t have a day job and probably wants me to find out which pigeon stole his sandwich at the park. After I find him first, of course. Like I don’t have better things to do…Actually I don’t. Most people are on holiday to some hot country, including PI Addison. Well, he’s still in England, though right now, that’s pretty hot too. *insert self-pitying sigh* Boredom + weird riddles = why not?

Who do you think the crazy poetic post-it person is?

You’ll find out next time. If I haven’t melted by then. If you don’t hear from me in a week…avenge my death.


Penelope out!


Mood: on fire. (It’s technically not a mood, but I’m making it one!)

Food: Ice cubes pressed upon my person.

Clothes:  too short (but nobody sees me, so it’s okay).

Snacks: Ice cream (that must be eaten in record time).

Extra comments: DAMN, it’s hot!

Random word of the day: pyrolysis (meaning: the chemical process of decomposition under the effect of heat).



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