The Case of the Weird Notes P. II

Dear sleuthy readers,

I am as much a fan of riddles on post-its as the next sarcastic Goth person that comes along, but I am NOT a fan of running around. Not even when there are sales all over town do I run around. Yet, this seems to be an exception. What? It’s not like I have better things to do and I’d like to meet the person who’s doing this so I can kick the crazy out of him. Also, I may be a teensie weensie bit curious. Yes, I guess I’m human after all. Damn it.

The second post-it led me to the park where there’s a row of daisies by one of the benches. On the bench was the next post-it which led me to the local library, which in turn led me to the fountain in town where the final post-it read:

 Find the man with the hat

He’s sitting in the bloody café

He’s got a message for you at that

But hurry or he’ll walk away

The audacity. For all he knew I had tons of cases that needed my attention. For all he knew I had three torrid love affairs to maintain. For all he knew I was an international spy. And pregnant.

Okay, not sure which of those is most unbelievable.

The café, I knew, had to be Café Rouge. And lo and behold, there was a man with a hat. He also had a flower tucked in the breast pocket of his cheap suit, as well as a moustache fastened under his nose.

“Are you post-it guy?” I asked. And of course he looked up at me with a mischievous smile drawn on his middle-aged face as he drew out a long and purring “yes.”

Now, dear reader, why do you think he wanted to hire me?

a)      He was indeed a poet and wanted to hire me to find his Muse

b)      He had a mystery to solve and needed my help

c)       He had lost someone and needed my help

d)      He was playing a prank on me

Oh, the joys of mysteries.


Penelope out!


Mood:  Tolerating life.

Hair: Messy.

Clothes: Black, black, red.

Random word of the day: Pellucid (meaning: easily intelligible, clear).


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