The Case of the Weird Notes P.III

Dear sleuthy readers,

Let’s continue our epic journey which involves post-its , riddles and a man with a hat. I don’t know what you guessed as to why he wanted to hire me, but I’ll tell you. He had a sparkling new mystery for me to solve. Oh, the joy that overwhelmed me. *unfazed gaze*

The man’s name was Cornelius Joseph Brown. And yes…he was a poet. (HA!) He was also a professor and someone was leaving him riddles on his desk. He wanted me to find out what they meant. That’s why he was using the post-its, to see if I was worthy of the task at hand. A test, if you will. I don’t like tests. But I do like money. So I took the case without a moment of hesitation. Okay, a little hesitation. He was kind of weird and he could have been a serial killer, luring me into his home-made trap. A cool trap, but still.

He had already received three riddles in the form of poems, which I deciphered in two days. Mind you, I still had other cases, otherwise I could have done it in one day. True story. The last letter led me to the address of a Japanese restaurant, so I brought along Mr. Poet as we ordered Miso Ramen and scoured the menu for clues, as well as the paintings of Japanese landscapes on the wall, and I even checked the napkins. No other mysteries involved. It seemed that the restaurant was the final destination.

A very intriguing promotional tactic? No.

a) Just a prank from a student who wanted to impress professor Poet.
b) A colleague wanted to mess with him because they found him a pompous monkey face.
c) One of the waitresses had a crush on the professor and wanted to lure him here.
d) This was the restaurant belonging to the family of one of his students who had a final message for him.

Okay, the answer is only a couple of words away. Here it goes. The answer is mostly d, but partly also a and c. Yes, that doesn’t make much sense. Allow me to elaborate. The restaurant belonged to the family of one of students. Said student discovered that the professor was an old almost-boyfriend to his aunt Yuki. She had told him so when he’d mentioned his professor’s name. But she was too shy to actually seek the professor out herself, so the student found a way to impress his professor with his poetic riddle skills as well as bring his aunt and him together. In the same room. While we were eating. Awkwaaaard.

Yes, so when I realised the truth I made my way out of there while prof. Poet and Yuki discussed old times. How romantic. Of course I did take my Miso Ramen to go. No sense in wasting good restaurant food.

So, kids, the moral of today’s adventure is…always take your Miso Ramen to go in case of an awkward situation that makes you want to leave the Japanese restaurant.

Penelope Out!

Mood: not hungry.

Outfit: kimono. (not really)

Purse: filled with money.

Riddle status: accomplished.

Random word of the day: filiferous (meaning: bearing threads).


Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen


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