Return of the Riddle

Dear sleuthy readers,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, not because there were no mysteries, but because there WAS. It was a big one. Of course I solved it, and of course I rewarded myself with cookies. Lots of cookies. In any case, you might read about it, but if you do, it won’t be on here. I save special, small mysteries for you. I guess you could say I share the little things with you, ha. Never thought I’d say that to anyone other than Mr. Whiskers.
Anyway, to start you off in a sleuthy state of mind, I’d like to present to you a riddle that I’m sure you can solve because, well, actually I don’t know but I heard that positive thinking can help. Still, I’ll leave that kind of dangerous thinking up to you. If I were to start thinking positive my head would explode and hundreds of pennies would fall around me.
Now stop picturing pennies falling out of my head and solve this, will ya:

15-5-2-10-10-1-11-10  1-22  3-13-23-24  3-2-19-16  4-13-11  12-24-6-11  1  14-2-13-5-7  24-6-20-16  12-24-2-13-10-24-12  6-11-7  1-11  6-11  6-5-12-16-19-11-6-12-16  13-11-1-20-16-19-22-16  14-24-16-19-16  1  14-2-13-5-7  24-6-20-16  15-16-16-11  11-1-23-16  6-11-7  14-6-19-3  1  14-2-13-5-7  24-6-20-16  22-6-1-7  12-24-6-12  1-20-16  3-1-22-22-16-7  9-2-13 .

After single space new word begins. One number for one letter, apostrophes not included. If there are any. Not saying that there are. *makes wavy gestures with hands* I’m being mysterious.
May the force be with you.

Penelope out!

Mood: peckish

Hair: freshly washed, smelling suspiciously like a fruit of some sort

Clothes: pyjamas

Spending day: building a virtual village and raising village babies (don’t judge)





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